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Filters 90% Blue Light
Durable Fiber Lens
Ultra Lightweight Design
All-Day Wearing Comfort

Protection For Your Eyes
When You Need It The Most

Blu Shield are speciality blue light blocking glasses that are ideal for wearing when using any devices or screens that emit blue light. The advanced coating - filters the blue light effectively, protecting your eyes from the associate strain. It may also offer filter UV light protection and can be used when you are out in the sun too!

Blu Shield come with a lightweight & durable lens and frame, which makes it comfortable for extended use.

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Built For Function & Comfort

Blue Light Blocking

UV Light Blocking

Thin Fiber Lenses

Ergonomic Frame

Protection For Your Eyes
In The Digital Age

Being surrounded by gadgets & screens all the time, definitely takes a toll on the eyes - owing to the blue light exposure - causing strain, headaches & other vision issues. While we cannot do without our screens, we can definitely enjoy better eye comfort with Blu Shield's Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

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The Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in a wide range of packages, so you can buy it for yourself,
your family and even your team at the office!